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Wrinkle / Crease Treatment Using Fillers or the Patient’s Own Fat

Several different ’filler’ substances are now available to treat pronounced facial wrinkles or creases and help eliminate them. One such filler is hyaluronic acid, a chemical substance produced endogenously by the body and injected beneath the wrinkle or crease thus re-filling it. Using this method deep scars can be treated, as wells as individual parts of the face, such as the lips, which can be augmented. An injection with hyaluronic acid usually provides a stable outcome that lasts several months before being eliminated from the body.  Alternatively fat from your own body can also be used and in this case it is taken from another part of your body (e.g. buttocks), processed, and injected into the area being treated.  The results from this method of filling remain stable for a long time, because part of your ‘own fat’ remains permanently built into your tissue through the injection.

Who can a filling treatment using their own fat, or other fillers, help?

Women and men with deep wrinkles in cases where botulinum toxin (botox) has not completely reduced the wrinkles.

Your Consultation

During a detailed consultation, your wishes and expectations will be discussed, and the best ways of achieving the best results will be explained.

How Does Treatment with Fillers or Using Fat from Your Own Body Work?

Depending on the extent of the area being treated, the treatment takes about 30 minutes and can, if wanted, be repeated. Hyaluronic acid is injected under the wrinkle using a very fine needle and fills it up. In this procedure anaesthetic is not used. However filling using your own fat requires a local anaesthetic and possibly also some sedation. In this procedure, firstly some fat is removed, treated and then injected using a syringe into the are being treated, where it provides volume replacement.

Post treatment

After the hyaluronic acid injections, small bruises and slight redness occur, but fade after a few hours and  after the treatment you are also given cool compression in order to minimise these side effects. You should also avoid direct sunlight on the affected areas for a few days. Injections can be repeated at anytime.

After injections using your own fat, cool compression should also be applied, however other measures are not required.  Should a repeat injection be needed or requested, this can be done after 1-2 months.